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The 12th Shanghai International Energy-saving & Advanced Building Materials Exhibition

Release time:2016-04-21

Date:       July 5,——July 7,2015

Venue:      Shanghai New International Expo Center (Pudong district, Longyang road, No:2345)

Dimension:   150,000㎡(12 pavilions)

Organizers:  Shanghai Modern International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

ShanghaiBuildingMaterials Industry Association

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Providing green building overall solution comprehensively

China is in the industrialization, urbanization and the rapid development of new rural construction period of history. To further promote building energy efficiency, accelerate the development of green building ushered in a rare historical opportunity, providing green building overall solution comprehensively has gradually become the main theme. To promote building energy, land, water, materials, environment-friendly building materials enterprises in the market for the purpose of use in order to build sales, display, brand and technology promotion as a means for companies to create huge opportunities in the China (Shanghai) Building Energy and new building materials exhibition, has been to create a "green building materials first exhibition in Asia." Exhibition development for nearly ten years, well versed in green building is not energy efficient building technologies superposition should be systematic application of innovative energy-saving building materials. Building energy saving Fair advocates green culture, primitive low-carbon, in pursuit of a simple, harmonious architecture and living concept.

2016 exhibition to further enhance internal and external wall insulation system design, exterior insulation system since, insulation decorative integration system, new fire retardant materials, special mortar, natural lighting, energy dissipation damping, steel machinery, wooden green house, integrated housing and light steel structure , energy-saving windows and doors and architectural shading, structural building materials and construction parts pieces, water supply and drainage, ground source heat pump, and three-dimensional green roofs, building materials production and processing building materials machinery equipment area, will reach 12 pavilions, 150,000 square meters, 100,000 professional visitors, dozens of forums and thematic topics seminars, in close connection with the development of green energy-saving buildings, occupying leading positions frontier, building a batch of excellent business and technology to the market, to overseas, together to create safe, energy saving, environmental protection, low-carbon, green building comfortable.


The last fair attracted a total from China, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, China, Britain, Austria, Belgium, Germany, France, Russia, South Korea, Canada, Malaysia, the United States, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Italy and other dozens of countries and regions of 820 building materials enterprises. Among them, the numbers of the domestic exhibitors reached 772, with 48 foreign exhibitors. In terms of the visitors, the three days of exhibition period attracted over 21220 visitors, including domestic audience of 19183 people, foreign audiences for 2037. The exhibition not only attracted a professional building materials production and marketing enterprises at home and abroad to visit, also attracted the domestic and international numerous real estate development units, construction units, design units, construction units, government, industry and other related management departments, the relevant scientific research institutes, project owners, buyers and dealers of participation and attention.


Concurrent Show

Expo held at the same time in the "green building materials" in China is the largest, most professional green building exhibition, the exhibition covers the heat preservation and heat insulation, wood structure, integrated housing, exterior wall decoration, building templates, dry mortar, natural lighting, energy dissipation damping, steel machinery, water supply and drainage, heating, ground source heat pump, Windows and doors curtain wall, outdoor furniture, architectural coatings, villadom, wood industry, swimming pool, SPA, air purification, building energy saving, etc, a total of 12 big pavilion, 150000 square meters of exhibition area, exhibitors will amount to 1500, 100000 professional visitors. Including the world's most iconic brands, green building materials such as Kenaifu, Hengsimai, Owens corning, bayer, STO, SKK, Beixin, Wanhua, Canada wood industry, Japan wood center, Light rain, Royal, Century curtilage, Peak, Milky Way, Yinchuang, Elephants, Weineng, Ruihao, Industry and trade, Rhett Mann, George fisher, Roundness and other high-end brand, fully shows the new technology of green building materials, for the industry benchmarking party.


1.      Fireproof performance significantly improved, flame flammable many products, to meet the demand for energy-saving insulation optional;

2.      Technical performance upgrades, building energy-saving insulation to provide total solutions;

3.      Insulation systematic: Comprehensive covering external wall insulation, roof insulation, self-insulation, wall insulation system;

4.      Greatly enhanced the quality and safety, A grade polystyrene board, binder, mesh fabric, flame retardants, such as enhanced building insulation safety performance;

5.      Decorative materials to strengthen innovation, architectural appearance of more and varied;

6.      Move the green building green roofs, walls, interior, make life more green space;

7.      Innovative integration of industry resources, the formation of decoration and insulation pattern of integration;

8.      "New Green Award" creative product display area, filling the building materials industry, creative style.



1.      wall thermal insulation system and material:Exterior insulation system, within the external wall thermal insulation system, since the wall thermal insulation system, roof waterproof thermal insulation, heat insulation, heat preservation system of outer coating; All kinds of insulation mortar, flame retardant type thermal insulation plate, thermal radiation material, aerated concrete block, foam concrete slab, foam, foam ceramic plate glass, modification of polystyrene, modified PU board, rock wool, glass wool, insulating film; Facing material: all kinds of exterior coating, color coating mortar, tile, really stone paint, curtain wall thermal insulation material;

2.      Interior wall insulation decoration materials:gypsum block, hollow glass brick, inorganic insulation paste material, lightweight partition board, gypsum board, gypsum fiber board, gypsum hollow particle board, gypsum board, metal sandwich board, etc, of high performance concrete, etc.;

3.      Exterior wall thermal insulation decorative:clay board, ceramic hangs Taiwan, PVC exterior decorative boards, wood and plastic outer wall hangs Taiwan, diatomite, sandstone, GRC exterior wall material; Integration of all kinds of adornment insulation board metal plaque (aluminous model board, aluminum honeycomb panel, copper decorative decorating plate, titanium zinc), etc.

4.      New building decorative fireproof materials:all kinds of fire prevention board, rock wool, glass wool, perlite fire prevention board, fireproof gypsum board, fire prevention, flame retardant fabric particieboard, flame retardants, non-combustible inorganic composite board, veneer, fire blocking material, fire retardant coating fireproof doors and Windows, fire glass, etc.;

5.      The raw materials and parts are:adhesive mortar, anti-crack mortar and surface protection, latex powder, powder, cellulose, vitrified beads, ceramsite, anchor bolt, fastener, glass fiber grid cloth, modified expanded vermiculite, etc;

6.      Roof and vertical greening materials:thermal insulation material, waterproof material, root and filter materials, drainage and storage overhead separation materials, planting medium, planting vegetation, landscape materials, outdoor furniture, etc

7.      Systems, building energy saving related products:energy-saving Windows and doors, curtain wall, shading system, waterproof materials, roofing, green building lighting system, solar energy and the building integration, intelligent power saving devices, integrated structure, etc

8.      Natural lighting technology;

9.      Energy dissipation damping technology;

10.  Energy-saving building materials manufacturing machinery and construction machinery.



1. To exhibit in the national pavilion as the main form of business people at domestic and abroad the import and export business.

2. Thousands of invitation letter for foreign consulates and trade promotion agencies, business institutions, foreign relevant industry associations invite them one by one.

3. Through television, radio, newspaper, network, mobile media, the subway, building materials stores advertisement and so on many kinds of ways for agents, distributors, property developers and construction units and other industry professionals all-round pushing the exhibition information.

4. Through the 300 best cooperation media (building materials, real estate professional website, magazines and newspapers) will the personage inside course of study the majestic, push the exhibition without blind Angle.

5. Wechat, weibo, APP, baidu search, professional superposition of new media channels such as QQ group communication channels, deliver timely and exhibition information dynamic, immediately communicate in architectural design institute, real estate developers.

6. Plenty forms of meetings, activities, BBS, attract the attention of the personage inside course of study, the participation and interaction, around the market hot spots, improve the project docking, create high-end technical exchange platform.

7. 300000 professional audience database, call center through the network, peer-to-peer invitation, hundreds of millions of business opportunities,.

8. A full range of Shanghai design group and design institute of resources, more have to Qinghua university, Tongji university, southeast university, southwest Jiaotong university and other advanced architectural design institution of higher learning support and cooperation.

9. Government functional departments to support and organization, to run around the Yangtze River delta around the construction, the wall to do and association work together, to rectify, were made the best green building trade platform!


Cost of Participation

Int’l Area:Standard booth RMB18000 (9 sqm) Raw space:RMB 1900/sqm

Area A: Standard booth RMB12800 (9 sqm) Raw space:RMB 1280/sqm

Area B: Standard booth RMB10800 (9 sqm) Raw space:RMB 1080/sqm

Area C: Standard booth RMB8800 (9 sqm) Raw space:RMB 880/sqm


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