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The 5th Shanghai integration construction, light steel housing and construction steel structure exhibition

Release time:2016-04-21

The 5thShanghai integration construction, light steel housing and construction steel structure exhibition

Date:       July5——July7,2016

Venue:      Shanghai New International Expo Center (Pudong district, Longyang road, No:2345)

Dimension:   150,000㎡(12 pavilions)

Organizers:  Shanghai Modern International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

ShanghaiBuildingMaterials Industry Association

Construction industry branch of ccpit integrated building council



Providing green building overall solution comprehensively

Through nearly 50 years of development, integrated construction abroad has reached a higher level. Today, integrated construction began to widely use in China, and simple, safety and innovation will be the future development direction of integrated architecture. Integration architecture has incomparable advantage compared with the traditional construction, standardization and modularization, generalization production, quick assembling, greatly shorten the construction cycle, and simplify the step of building a house, save manpower and financial resources. And integrated construction for construction of the traditional reinforced concrete way is a great innovation, the concept of prefabricated will upset the traditional way of building, become a green building emerging trends in the future.

To further improve the exhibition in 2016, by the cockpits integration construction committee, Shanghai building material industry association and Shanghai modern international exhibition co., LTD will continue to elaborate "The 4thShanghai integration architecture, light steel housing and construction steel structure exhibition, to fully promote simple, safe, innovative architectural concept, providing green building overall solution comprehensively. The exhibition in 2015, Shanghai construction group, northern new houses, the elephant house, Yinchuang, Sichuan Milky Way, Dalian Sitanta, Lancui, Yuanda, Yazhi, East Jiulong, American peak, Beijing century Housing, Xiamen Jinbo, all have good appearance, such as the United States top and achieved good effect. Will hold more than 10 games international BBS,will make the exhibition the exhibitors in contact with potential customers, expand the sales channels, optimizing the market orders, brand image, the industry international trading platform of the communication.



The last fair attracted a total from China, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, China, Britain, Austria, Belgium, Germany, France, Russia, South Korea, Canada, Malaysia, the United States, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Italy and other dozens of countries and regions of 1031 building materials enterprises. Among them, the numbers of the domestic exhibitors reached 948, with 83 foreign exhibitors. In terms of the visitors, the three days of exhibition period attracted over 80198 visitors, including domestic audience of 74103 people, foreign audiences for 6095. The exhibition not only attracted a professional building materials production and marketing enterprises at home and abroad to visit, also attracted the domestic and international numerous real estate development units, construction units, design units, construction units, government, industry and other related management departments, the relevant scientific research institutes, project owners, buyers and dealers of participation and attention.


Concurrent Show

Expo held at the same time in the "green building materials" in China is the largest, most professional green building exhibition, the exhibition covers the heat preservation and heat insulation, wood structure, integrated housing, exterior wall decoration, building templates, dry mortar, natural lighting, energy dissipation damping, steel machinery, water supply and drainage, heating, ground source heat pump, Windows and doors curtain wall, outdoor furniture, architectural coatings, villadom, wood industry, swimming pool, SPA, air purification, building energy saving, etc, a total of 12 big pavilion, 150000 square meters of exhibition area, exhibitors will amount to 1500, 100000 professional visitors. Including the world's most iconic brands, green building materials such as Kenaifu, Hengsimai, Owens corning, bayer, STO, SKK, Beixin, Wanhua, Canada wood industry, Japan wood center, Light rain, Royal, Century curtilage, Peak, Milky Way, Yinchuang, Elephants, Weineng, Ruihao, Industry and trade, Rhett Mann, George fisher, Roundness and other high-end brand, fully shows the new technology of green building materials, for the industry benchmarking party.



1 ultra light steel structure housing body, fast connection between precast wall technology, to realize in the true sense of light steel keel house modularization and standardization;

2 Display the Precast concrete structurethin-walled light steel structure, plate structure, steel-wood composite structure and other building structural system;

3 energy-saving, environmental protection, economy, shortcut, practical features such as the new building structure system of combining;

4 In combination with the latest solar photovoltaic power generation technology, the whole bathroom, wall thermal insulation, sound insulation, new materials, and smart home system.



1 All kinds of integrated housing (prefabricated houses), wooden villas, light steel structure housing example room

2 All kinds of colored steel trailer, modular assembly room, room, new greenhouses, antique buildings, mobile toilets, awning room, toilet module system of modular houses, such as kitchen module system, etc

3 Complementary products: wooden landscape (wooden bridge, platform, wooden fence, plank road, outdoor floor, etc.)

4 Light steel structure sun room system, sun room, light steel structure system: sun room (including steel structure, aluminum wood, steel structure)

Adjustable light sun room (applied high-tech dimming glass), the whole mobile series sun room

5 Construction machinery:Light steel keel production and processing machinery, building insulation material production technology and equipment, foam concrete manufacturing equipment

6 Construction steel structure:Heavy steel structure, spatial grid membrane structure and related products

7 Construction fasteners and related products



1 2016 prefabricated buildings and industrial exhibition theme BBS

2, 2016 China and South Korea green building the latest development of BBS

3 China green building new BBS policy and industry development

4 2016 conference under construction project

5 System integrators and real estate developers exchange high-end salon

6 Shanghai construction precast technology progress

7 2016 tourism and leisure BBS pension industry development

8 Enterprise technology product launch

9 Prefabricated housing construction technology of integral wei yu that conference BBS

10 3 d printing of architectural technology development BBS



Through television, radio, newspapers, Internet, mobile media, subway, building materials stores advertising in the national and international levels to promote the show. (Such as CCTV Economic Channel, Shanghai TV, Oriental TV, Shanghai Radio, Alibaba, Sina, SouFun, Xinmin Evening News, Morning News, China Building Materials News, Construction Times and other mainstream media have with the show signed a strategic cooperation agreement) ;

More than 300 construction, real estate and other professional journals, newspapers and websites for publicity and visitors industry marketing;

With microblogging, forums, and other network media professional QQ group to expand industry influence, for the enterprise market promotion;

Through the relevant industry associations and organizations to invite business leaders and its timber business to visit the exhibition;

Organized by the relevant government departments, national consulates and trade promotion agencies, business organizations and foreign industry associations, consulting services, to invite buyers and distributors;

Through the call center, fax, Internet e-mail, SMS and other new media tools for industry insiders of point to point invitation, from the cumulative database more than five hundred thousand.


Support Media

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Cost of Participation

Int’l Area: standard booth RMB18000 (9 sqm) Raw space:RMB 1900/sqm

Area A: standard booth RMB12800 (9 sqm) Raw space:RMB 1280/sqm

Area B: standard booth RMB10800 (9 sqm) Raw space:RMB 1080/sqm

Area C: standard booth RMB8800 (9 sqm) Raw space:RMB 880/sqm


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