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Innovation, Safety, Beauty, Ecology

Shanghai International Green Architecture and Construction Materials Expo (ESBUILD for short) is the only international professional building materials trade fair which provides "overall green building solution". The exhibition aims to promote the application of green building technology, new products, new materials and new technology by promoting green building concept, technology and experience. The expo conforms to the development trends of green, ecology, comfortable building materials. The principle of "Enhancing system reform of ecological civilization, building a beautiful China " was proposed on the 19th National Party Congress, which is carried out through the expo.

In 2018, ESBUILD will strengthen the concept of "integration, development, and comprehensive provision of green building overall solutions" with five sections & two shows—Full decoration, energy saving system, green housing system, green decoration and design, green ceramics and sanitary ware, villas equipment. The exhibition will be set up to 7 exhibition hall, 80 thousand square meters exhibition area, 1000 exhibitors to participate and the audience is expected to be more than 100 thousand man-time. Through the meeting and exhibition, the expo will attract the attention of the whole society development status and trend of green building. ESbuild will play a great role in the green building development in the 13th Five-Year-Plan.