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1. Full decoration: Domestic and foreign well-known interior design units, decorating enterprises; decoration companies, smart home systems integration services company; internal doors and windows, the whole home, the whole kitchen, the whole bathroom, fast wall, wall panels, light partitions, floor pavement , Keel ceiling, three constant system, smart home, home lighting.

2.Energy saving system: External wall insulation system, interior wall insulation decorative materials, interior and exterior paint, real stone paint, color mortar, new functional coating Materials, wall decoration materials, doors and windows curtain wall, building waterproofing, raw materials, parts and mechanical equipment, fire-retardant materials, building Photovoltaic.

3.Housing system: Tourism and leisure houses, new rural housing construction, theme parks, energy storage, oil special, housing systems, integrated support, wood Construction, wooden structure, leisure canopy, tents, homestay.

4.Green decoration and design: Interior decoration materials, decorative plates, ecological wall materials, plaster lines, aluminum panels, flexible flooring, bamboo industry.

5.Green ceramics and sanitary ware: Building ceramics, sanitary ware, faucet showers, Jacuzzis, shower rooms, ceramic plates and thin porcelain, mosaic and handmade tiles, smart bathroom, smart toilet, adhesives, caulk.

6. Villas equipment: Villas elevators, villas and high-end building materials, high-end home, villa interior design software.